15 Easy Ways to Increase Etsy Sales this Month

It’s the beginning of the month… time to write your goals.  One of the goals that I write down almost every month is to increase Etsy sales. A little vague, I know. Sometimes I even write down a percentage or amount that I want to increase sales by.  Then, I wait.  Unfortunately, much to my […] Read more…

How Etsy has changed since I started #etsyshop #etsychanged

How Etsy has changed since I started

I began my Etsy shop reluctantly over seven years ago.  I can’t believe I just typed seven years.  And it’s crazy how much Etsy has changed since then. The platform has transformed from an independently owned marketplace to a publicly traded company.  All within a span of six years. An Etsy shop was not the […] Read more…

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