Thanks so much for joining our mailing list.  We are so excited to share our Morning Routine Planner with you.  It’s a great way to plan a productive morning routine.

You can download your Morning Routine Planner here.

To use, start by filling in the time you need to wake up.  Next, write down the things that you need or want to do in the morning.  This may include making the family’s lunches, reading, exercising or simply sipping coffee.

Next to each to do, write down the amount of time it takes to complete each task.  If you love drinking coffee for 20 minutes every morning – that’s great.  Write it down to make sure you have time to enjoy your morning brew.  Total up all of the minutes the tasks will take you in the morning to make sure you leave enough time.

After you’ve figured out the amount of time you need, write down your morning routine.  Put the estimated time that you want to complete each task and the order they should be completed in.  You can print out this sheet each day if necessary.  You could also make your own Morning Routine checklist.  Cut off the bottom portion of the sheet that has your morning routine.  Then you can laminate it and check off the items with a dry erase marker.

If you’re more digitally inclined, you can write your routine down in Evernote and a To Do App.  Then, you can check them off as you go.

However you decide to follow your morning routine, before you know it the tasks you’ve chosen will become habits.  I hope that this Morning Routine Planner helps bring you more productive mornings and leaves you feeling refreshed.

Thanks again for joining our mailing list.  We look forward to sending you many more ideas for starting and keeping you motivated.