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Pinterest Board Ideas to grow your Creative Business

Have you experienced this scenario yet? You’ve just created the perfect product, built a beautiful sales platform and started writing consistently on your blog.  And now you wait.  And wait.  After about a month still no sales. There’s a problem.  Actually there could be lots of problems, but my first guess is that you don’t […] Read more…

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How to Write a Blog Post that Sells your Product

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “Content is King” by now.  It’s a pretty popular phrase in the world of blogging. As a business owner, you aren’t exactly a blogger, though.  Your need to create amazing content is different.  When you write a blog post, your goal is to not only attract eyeballs interested in […] Read more…

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Tips for Taking Amazing Blog Photos

So, it turns out that blogging is more than just writing.  I know.  You might have been focused completely on word choice this entire time.  But blogging, especially for your business, is also a visual medium.  This means that readers want something to look at photos that illustrate your story.  Cue blog photos. Although you […] Read more…

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