Home office with desk, art and bike

Home Based Business Ideas for Creative Moms

Are you a mom working outside of the home who dreams of starting her own business? If so, you’re not alone.  Every day, my Facebook group feeds fill with comments from moms looking for home based business ideas that they can easily start. Everyone has a different reason for wanting to start their own business.  […] Read more…

Paintbrushes with colorful chalk pastels in box close up

Pinterest Board Ideas to grow your Creative Business

Have you experienced this scenario yet? You’ve just created the perfect product, built a beautiful sales platform and started writing consistently on your blog.  And now you wait.  And wait.  After about a month still no sales. There’s a problem.  Actually there could be lots of problems, but my first guess is that you don’t […] Read more…

Woman in red sweater writing with a cup of coffee

How to Write a Blog Post that Sells your Product

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “Content is King” by now.  It’s a pretty popular phrase in the world of blogging. As a business owner, you aren’t exactly a blogger, though.  Your need to create amazing content is different.  When you write a blog post, your goal is to not only attract eyeballs interested in […] Read more…

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