Year: 2019

How to balance your to do list

Finding balance in your to do list

We all have one… or at least we should.  A to do list.  Teeming with a dozen (sometimes more) things that we should do today, tomorrow, this week, this month, this year. No matter how you manage your to do list, there is a need to finding a balance.  If we are not careful, it […] Read more…

How to manage the online shop bully and keep your sanity

How to manage the online shop bully

It happened again.  This time it was really not pretty.  I was called names.  My shop was labeled unacceptable. I used all of the tactics that I had used in the past.  She continued to be nasty, rude and someone I would have thrown out of my doors if we had a brick and mortar […] Read more…

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