Month: November 2019

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How to Use Waiting Time to be More Productive

Lately, life has been crazy.  It seems that ever since Halloween, the holiday season kicked into full gear.  Except that it’s November, not December. Suddenly, after school activities are busier.  The kids have projects, concerts, feasts and field trips.  And there’s been a steady parade of colds that keep prancing through our house. All of […] Read more…

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How to Validate your Product Ideas before Jumping In

When I started my stationery shop back in 2012, there weren’t a lot of options for creative children’s party designs.  I was planning my daughter’s first birthday party and it was a farm theme.  Everything seemed too “cutesy”.  It was mostly a party for our adult friends – we were the first of our friend’s […] Read more…

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Winter Marketing Ideas for your Online Shop

Oh, November is here.  Which can only mean one thing.  Winter is just around the corner.  And with the winter season comes getting creative with marketing your online business. And I am talking about winter here.  I know the holidays come first.  Holiday marketing is very different than winter marketing. During the holidays, customers come […] Read more…

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