Month: October 2019

Woman holding balls of yarn

The Joy of Return Customers

The other day something amazing happened in my shop.  I rediscovered the joy of return customers. The world is a chaotic place.  Especially online.  And even after a wonderful shopping experience, I always wonder if a customer remembers my shop. Do they ever recall that their stationery arrived on time for their event?  That we […] Read more…

Retro camera with plants

Easy Tips for Taking your own Amazing Product Photos

The one thing that every successful creative business needs is amazing product photos.  It doesn’t matter if you’re selling your products via social media, an Etsy shop or your own independent website.  If your products don’t look good, no one is going to purchase them. Why not?  Because product photos are the one and only […] Read more…

Vintage alarm clock with coffee cup on wooden surface

9 Easy Ways to Beat Procrastination

I know you’ve been there.  You finally get some quiet time to work.   Even maybe a couple of hours.   But when you check in at your progress after you’re finished, you didn’t get anything done. And now you have to pay the babysitter.  You’re left wondering what happened.  You had all of this […] Read more…

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